How the Right Website Can Land You Big Business

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It's a jungle out there. As the last two (plus) years have turned brick and mortar business on it's head, everyone has raced to get their website built and launched asap. What was once considered a "nice to have", has become a necessity.

Now more than ever, it's critical that a website represents your work or business in an authentic way, as the current business climate has become fierce.

Take for example our client Strati Hovartos. I have known and followed Strati's amazing photography work for years and would nudge him from time to time to get a website up to feature and sell his work. In the fall of last year, he was offered an opportunity to meet with the good people at Restoration Hardware, a sought-after, high-end retailer in Los Angeles. He suddenly needed a website up and launched within days to showcase his work.

I immediately got to work to design a very clean and minimalistic website as an online portfolio for his photography, collaborating with him every step of the way to ensure it was representing his style and photography aesthetic perfectly. We then quickly launched his website which was instrumental as a vehicle to land him the deal. His photography is now featured at RH and also for sale on his website which I added an ecommerce component to just before the holidays.

Some questions to think through about your own business and website - Are you happy with your website? Does it accurately and authentically represent your brand and your business? Is it winning you business? If not, there is absolutely a way to get your website tailored to align with your own unique business aesthetic and make sure that it is optimized to hit your market's sweet spot to bring in business.

It is our business to help you stand out in your industry with a website that truly represents your business and makes it easy for your customer or client to do business with you. Our client's success is our success. We are ecstatic for Strati's success - it is well-earned. In his case, he was approached with the right opportunity, and just needed the right website to clinch the deal. Mission accomplished.

We are currently accepting new clients. If you're ready for a website makeover, or want to create a new one, please take a moment to request a detailed quote tailored to your project and/or set up a call. We would love to connect with you and help to elevate your online presence to win big at business.

Warmest regards,

Jamie Richards

Owner and Lead Design, Dash Creative Agency

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