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Ready for a new website, but don't want a lengthy project schedule and have a pretty clear vision of what you want? We'll start with a Wix template of your choice and customize it so that it aligns with your brand and is 100% you (no one will ever know it's a template).  This is a great option when you want a modern and polished website up quickly without compromising your style.

Demi Semi-Custom

  • Details:

    • Customization of any Wix template
    • Stunning website with up to five-pages 
    • Includes 8 hours of design time
    • Colors & design finishes that align with your brand
    • High quality licensed stock images
    • Quick turnaround and delivery
    • Optimized mobile design
    • Social media integration
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • One full review and revision round
    • Assistance with domain connection
    • Launch Support​
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